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Concrete Built, built to last. This company is Irish owned company. Lee the owner manages the full process to ensure you, our clients are completely informed through the whole process. We also only ever have 2 builds on at same time and are strict about timelines, we normally have a 2 month waiting period from time of deposit. However Lee spends this time with you on design to ensure when we start building all involved are clear about what we expect. It takes about 8-10 weeks to complete a build, remember these are proper homes and building correctly takes time. However our guys are skilled and cause very little disturbance.

In order for these Granny flats to be planning exempt we build these, as home extensions, with a few other conditions. We build them in a clever way and each build has its own separate door for access. If at any stage in the long-term future you need to reconfigure this space as part of the property, perhaps for resale you have now the space to do so, potentially increasing your homes value. Note: All sizes are external sizes quoted unless otherwise stated.

Standard Specification

  • Window & Door – A Rated Aluminum
  • 1 x Roof Window
  • Walls: NOW ICF Build
  • Floors: Poured Concrete
  • Roof: Fiber Glass or Tiled

Electrical Package

Wall/Floor/Roof Package

  • Each home has between 80mm -100mm rigid kingsspan compressed double foil envelope
  • Insulated pitched roof tiled to match existing house
  • 2 Colour Choice of laminate flooring
  • Rendered/dashed to match existing house

Fittings Included

  • Kitchen: 3-6 Units (depending on size of build)
  • Bathroom with Toilet, Basin & Full Shower Unit
  • Tiles for both Bathroom area Kitchen
  • Your build is completely painted white

Home or Office Studio

External Size: 25m2
from €65,000 + vat

The Internal floor space of 19m2.
This size really suits a studio unit and if space is an issue this is a great choice. Our builds can be used for lots of different purposes. If you are looking to extra space, this could be a great option.

1 Bedroom Apartment

35 sq mt from €82,000+ v

Ideal for Rental – Our compact separate 1 x bedroom apartments 35m2 (external size) and are fully custom designed for your needs. We include everything in our quoted prices, your fitted kitchen, bathroom flooring and leave you ready to furnish. We using all A Rated Materials. From start to finish.

1 Bedroom

Most Popular Build
1 Bedroom Apartment
or Compact 2 Bedroom

40 sq mt from €95,000 + v
By far our most popular build. If you plan to live in these homes or have a family member, the larger sizes are ideal for comfort as a 1 x Bedroom apartment. However if more bedrooms are your priority, we can build a 2 Bedroom apartment built to your specifications and requirements. Sizes are quoted external size.
Engineer Certified

Engineer Certified

On Completion, an Engineer will certify that this build meets every current building regulation

Electrical Work

All Electrical work completed is fully certified

Structure Guarantee

This build comes with a 20 year Structural Guarantee

Gas work

Any Gas work carried out is fully certified

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Feel free to check out all our competitors, on size price and spec, we win every time. No hidden costs!

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There is no aspects of the job that we are not experts on. When you engage us here at ‘Granny Flats’ you engage in an Irish owned business.

Reliable Business

We don’t take on more than we can chew as it’s important that we give our clients a great end product. Like for like we offer the the best value for money in comparison to most of our competitors. Our offer is simple, we understand fully what is involved. We aim to provide a 5 star service.

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