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Small Space with Huge Potential

A Rated Concrete Space – Built to last

Custom made built to the highest building standards. If you think you have the need for extra space, this could be a perfect solution.

A Rated Materials Used

Lower carbon footprint has not only a financial benefit but also helps the environment. And it keeps you nice and cosy!

Engineer Certified

On Completion, an Engineer will certify that this build meets every current building regulation.

Concrete Built

Each unit is concrete built to your specifications , space and design.

Possible Revenue?

You could earn some extra revenue through private rental or Air B&B possibilities.

Home Studio/Office Studio

Planning permission is generally not required for a stand alone unit of 25m2. We can also help you apply for a Section 5 Declaration form. This notifies the relevant Council of your plans. Confirmation from Council normally takes less then 4 weeks.

Home Studio/Office Studio

25 Square Meters:

€55,000 + v

1 Bedroom

This is an ideal size in order to achieve a comfortable separate 1 x bedroom apartment, generally suitable for rental.

We build these apartments and attach them (cleverly if needed) to your current house. We take care of everything and provide you with a turnkey property.

Small 1 Bedroom

35 Square Metres from:

€77,000 + v

This build is by far our most popular if a family member is moving into the Grannyflat. Its creates a very comfortable 1 x bedroom Grannyflat.

1 x Bedroom
Compact 2 Bedrooms

40 Square Metres from:

€85,000 + v



Rental Potential

People are more likely to rent their own small home rather then a shared house. These modern Granny Flats are a perfect solution.

Room for Adult Children

Looking for accommodation for adult children/students? These units are the  ideal solution.

Garden Room

These buildings are ideal if you want that extra room in your garden for your leisure e.g. photo studio or art studio.

No Hidden Costs

What you see is what you get, there are no hidden extras, no surprises!

Electrical and Plumbing

Electrical and Plumbing

All electrical and plumbing work carried out are included in package price and come fully certified on completion.

Custom Made Finish

We custom make and design your building to match your existing house and the layout of your garden. Our buildings are Engineer Certtified and come with a 10yr guarantee.

Huge Potential

Building a ‘Granny Flat’ can be a lucrative addition to your property and can maximise your space.

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Feel free to check out all our competitors, on size price and spec, we win every time.

Ready to Furnish

These buildings are built to the highest standard and are ‘ready to furnish’ on completion.

Concrete Built

These are not the latest fad of ‘modular homes’ that come by crane or click into place. We build them brick by brick exactly as with a large home. We provide a full builders finish

High Spec Finish

All units come with fitted kitchen, bathroom fittings, tiled and painted throughout.

Easy to furnish

‘Ikea’ have a showroom to fully furnish a 25 sq mt apartment. It could not be easier.


There is no aspects of the job that we are not experts on. When you engage us here at ‘Granny Flats’ you engage in an Irish owned business.

Reliable Business

We don’t take on more than we can chew as it’s important that we give our clients a great end product. Like for like we offer the the best value for money in comparison to most of our competitors. Our offer is simple, we understand fully what is involved. We aim to provide a 5 star service.


Is your work Guaranteed or Certified?

Yes, our build meets every current building regulation, we also provide certs for all Electrical work and any Gas work carried. Also our builds come with a 10 year Structural Guarantee.

Are these units modular units?

No These are not the latest fad of ‘modular homes’ that come by crane or click into place. We build them brick by brick exactly as with a large home. We provide a full builders finish and they are custom made to match your existing house.

What exactly is a 'Granny Flat'?

Granny flats / small houses may be used for nannies or for young adult members of the family. They are sometimes used as rental units for students or other potential rentees.

Small Homes with Huge Expectations