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Why Granny Flats are a Growing Trend


Today, granny flats no longer have that outdated floral wallpapered look but are now more affordable and come with great style and this has given rise to its trend in current times. Basically, granny flats are used to provide accommodation to elderly members of the family who wish to be independent while still being close to the family house.

What is a granny flat?

The term “granny flat” is used to refer to a secondary place of living on any property. A granny flat is built either as an attachment to the main house or its garage or as an entirely separate structure. In most cases, constructing a separate building entirely could be less costly as it has no interference with the original house structure. This happens to be one major reason that separate granny flats are popular because of its relatively cheaper price in contrast with the cost of renovation. However we are finding to avoid planning permission 90% of our Granny Flats are part of the current home.

Granny flats are not as large as basic homes and they come in various designs. You may find a granny flat which has up to 2 bedrooms including a kitchen, a dining, and a sitting room, while some may just be a large space which serves as an office or a leisure place. The beauty of granny flats is that they can be built in record time, sometimes between 1 to 2 months.

Why granny flats are becoming very popular

This secondary place of dwelling has increased in popularity in the past few years especially as the high cost of houses and rent has led to teens and grownup kids having to stay at home more. Parents are beginning to source for newer ways to give these children a measure of independence and this helps them to save up for a housing loan. Granny flats also have an investment appeal, especially, for owners of investment properties. They are less costly to build and have the potential of growing the income from rents by up to 10%. This additional income can be very useful to persons who really want to make payments on their mortgage. It is also believed by some persons that granny flats can play a role in solving the problem of housing which is rising in metropolitan areas. In suburban areas too, granny flats are believed to have a role to play in solving the problem of housing. Here are 3 great reasons why granny flats are trending –

  • More investment

When you build a granny flat, it will help to give your property a significant rise in its value. You will also be able to put the granny flat up for rent in order to generate extra revenue every month. You can also use it to accommodate your kids who are in school so that you won’t have to pay for accommodation on campus. The Government allows you to rent a room scheme up to €14,000 tax free. Once it is part of the main structure of the home

  • More Affordable

Granny flats are relatively more affordable to build. They also take far lesser time to be completed in contrast with the time that is required to erect conventional houses. We offer 3d Design Plans for our Granny flats so that you can really determine design before you begin construction

  • A variety of Uses

Rather than keeping your parents in special homes that are meant for the elderly, you can build a granny flat for them so that they can be close to you all the time. Asides being able to use your granny flat to accommodate your elderly parents while keeping them independent, you can also use your granny flat as an accommodation for visitors and guests who will be spending a night or days at your house. It can also be used as a hobby spot for your family. Granny flats are very good for engaging in leisure activities which you have a passion for. You can decorate it with great designs that enhance its look and feel by blending arts with woodworks and also crafts. You can also install a lot of facilities.

Granny flats can also be constructed as a home office and this will help you to save the money that would have been used to pay for commercial space. This will also help you to cut down on expenses that arise from traveling and more. Granny flats also have emotional value as they enable you to have your family and parents closer thereby strengthening the bond between new and old generations. For these reasons, granny flats are becoming ever more popular and with the right planning, you will get to have a granny flat of your own.

As leaders in the industry, we are experts in building custom-made ‘Granny Flats.’ Whether you need extra space for your adult children or you wish to rent it out for income, a granny flat is the best solution for you. As soon as your granny flat is completed, an Engineer will certify that the building meets every building regulation and you will also be given certificates for all Electrical work and Gas work carried out on your granny flat. We also offer a 10-year Structural Guarantee on all our projects.

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